Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little bit of sporting insanity...

You may be looking at this picture and asking yourself "Why in the world is Robin wearing such strange alien countermeasures?" I am not wearing alien countermeasures. That is in fact when you wear aluminum foil on your head. I'm wearing a shark swim cap. And swim goggles. Yes, that's right. Swim goggles. This is in fact my super sexy triathlon outfit. Wait! Don't faint! It's true. I did the unthinkable and participated in a sporting event. I know that this is hard for most of you to grasp, seeing as I have never, ever, ever been the athletic type of person, but I've actually been thinking about doing this for a few years, I just actually got around to actually training for an actual event. Unbeknownst to me, training and participating in a triathlon turned out to be one of the most spiritual, exhilarating and exhausting moments of my life.

I woke up incredibly early in the morning after spending a night dreaming about running and not going anywhere. The temperature the night before had been hot, in the 80's. The temperature had dropped in the night and it was now windy and in the low 60's. I picked up Laura, my wannabe mentor and her cute doggy and we headed up to Coconut Creek, 45 minutes away to Tradewinds park. We joined a host of other people unstrapping bikes from the back of their cars in the dark pre-dawn. I set up my bike and gear in a place called the transition area (picture on the right). After setting this all up, I went to get marked. People wrote numbers on my arms. They wrote 182 on me so that people could identify who I was as I swam. This turned out to be counter-productive, seeing as I had a longer sleeved outfit. Then I went and waited for the race to start. We froze. Laura took out my camera and took pictures. Having her there with me was like a breath of soothing air. She calmed me and made me feel like I could do it. She had helped and supported me so far. It would be ok. Like I said before, It was cold. I stretched, chatted with other people wearing goggles and colored swim caps and at some predetermined moment, walked into a pond full of weeds. It was gross. Then I swam.

Up until this time, it had been Laura and me, and the dog. Halfway across the pond I heard something that would follow me everywhere I went for the remainder of the race. I heard my name being yelled. "Go Robin! Robin! Go!" My mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law had all come to show their support. They were, by far, the loudest, most enthusiastic fans that were there to cheer on the 300+ people racing. People asked "Who's Robin?" because they wouldn't stop yelling my name.
They cheered as I got on my bike for a 10 mile ride, half of it against the 15 mph wind.
They cheered as I attempted to get off my bike, frozen from the wind with jelly for legs and wobbled my way to put my bike up.
They cheered as I headed out on incredibly unsteady legs for a 2.5 mile run. I wouldn't say that I actually ran, I more of dragged myself at that point in time. I couldn't feel my legs, and my fingers weren't much better off at that point. Thankfully I warmed up a bit as I passed the pond again, which was about 80 degrees still and making the area around it a few degrees warmer than the rest of the park.
They even cheered when they couldn't see me. I heard my mother, loud and clear on the other side of the park, encouraging me on, just in case I could hear her. And I did.
One of the most amazing moments happened near the end of my almost 2 hour ordeal. By this time, 99.9 percent of the participants were finished. It was down to me and a few others who were first timers. I was jogging my way through a section of wooded trail. It was about 9:00 in the morning. I was alone. None of the other athletes were anywhere to be seen. Trees were above me and the wind was gone. It was beautifully peaceful. And I was tired. I wanted to be done. At that time I had a distinct impression that Camille, my sister currently living in Taiwan, was praying for me. She would be yelling at me, in Chinese, "Jia Yo! Jia Yo!" Which literally means to add oil, but in this instance means "Keep going! Oil it up and keep going!"
The day after t happened, I mentioned it to Camille, who exclaimed "Oh Robin! It was at about that time when I thought of your triathlon and I thought to myself "Jia Yo Robin, Jia Yo!" God was watching out for me. In fact. He's been watching out for me for all along.
I have been praying for years that my desires might change. I have never liked exercise. It made me uncomfortable. It made me sweat. I never enjoyed it. I always found excuses not to do it. I have been praying long and hard for the Lord to change that about me, to help me enjoy exercise. I realized that somewhere along the way to completing this insane goal of mine, that I had changed. I did like running and biking and swimming. I cried as I crossed the finish line and ran into the excited arms of Laura and Amy and my parents. It was such a happy moment. A joyous moment. I've been emotional about it all week. Laura made me a beautiful bracelet in blue and silver with letters spelling out "TRIATHLETE" on it. I haven't been able to stop staring at it. I can't quite seem to come to terms with the fact that I, Robin Jolley, had done something so completely insane. Or that's what I would have said a few years ago. Now, it is a milestone behind me, on my path to becoming a better person.

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  1. Oh - I tried to post a comment but I think it got inspire me, girly! I'm gonna shake the dust off my sneakers and try for a 5K again...maybe someday I'll work up to a half marathon or a triathlon. Go, Robin!!!

    cheers, Lee